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Bridging the Gap in Mental Health

Because everyone deserves treatment that puts you first.


The Why

Bridging the gap in eating disorder treatment

For years, binge eating was not considered a condition, and now that it is recognized it is either lumped into other eating disorder services or forgotten. Libra Virtual Care aims to create a space unique to those with binge eating and similar conditions.

Ensuring treatment feels safe and supportive

We know that not all individuals seeking size-inclusive care are needing support with eating issues, but rather may be dealing with depression, relationship concerns, or various other concerns. Our clinicians are trained to support your needs while keeping therapy safe and comfortable.

What We Do

Libra Virtual Care is committed to helping those impacted by binge eating symptoms, and the systemic issues that contribute to binge eating. We offer two lines of services - clinical and advocacy services aimed to help individuals and organizations.

Clinical Services

Speak with a trained counselor who uses a whole-person approach to work through your needs.

Acquire skills while receiving support from peers on a variety of topcs.

Advocacy Services

Join diverse people in discussion groups on topics such as weight stigma and inclusivity.

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Expanding Availability

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Our Values

We promise to provide care that is equitable and trustworthy. Our clinicians are approachable, and we work to promote respect and maintain your dignity.





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