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About Us

We are a group of professionals dedicated to creating a space that supports those impacted by weight stigma. Learn more about who we are by clicking below.

Our Values

Above all else, we exist to create a space for the unique needs of those by weight stigma.


It is important when you are inviting someone into your home (virtually, that is) that they be approachable.


Respect, safety and comfort combined create a space where the dignity of the person is at the forefront.


We build trust by delivering on what we say and creating a space that is safe and allows vulnerability.


Our History

Stalzer Counseling & Consulting, PLLC was created in 2022 by our founder, Brandi Stalzer. She envisioned creating a space specific to those impacted by binge eating and related conditions. In 2023, she expanded the company and changed the name to Libra Virtual Care. 

Why Libra? Because we wanted a symbol that represented our value of equity. Equity is so important to the work that we do that it needed to be a part of the name.

Our Mission

Libra Virtual Care aims to support individuals and organizations impacted by the systemic issues underlying weight stigma by delivering exceptional clinical and advocacy services. 

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