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  • What is the process of getting started?
    At Libra Virtual Care, we find it important to be comfortable with your clinician prior to initiating therapy. That is why we offer free 15-minute discovery video calls. The first step is to find the clinician with whom you would like to work under our "Team" section, and click on "Schedule Today" to view their availability. Through this you will be redirected to our clinical scheduling system and you can set up a discovery video call. During this initial contact, you can ask questions and get more familiar with your clinician. Should you choose to work with your clinician, you can spend time within the appointment to set up an clinical assessment. As part of this assessment, you will receive intake paperwork and objective measures. During the clinical assessment, your clinician will ask a variety of questions about symptoms, impact to your life, and the domains that make up your life (e.g., work, relationships). At the end of the clinical assessment, you and your clinician will have a collaborative discussion about next steps including recommendations on treatment approach, treatment frequency or level of care, and goals to target. You will then meet with your clinician based on the recommendations and start the process of therapy.
  • Is therapy or groups covered by insurance?
    Yes! It is always best to contact your specific insurance company to ensure treatment is covered; however, Libra Virtual Care is in-network with United Behavioral Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, and Cigna. When discussing speaking with your insurance company, use terms such as "Outpatient Psychotherapy" or "Outpatient Group Therapy" to indicate the type of services, and be sure to ask about any exclusions to your plan such as telehealth or eating disorders.
  • What is your philosophy regarding weight and diet?
    We believe in providing care that is supported by research and delivered in a compassionate manner. That is why our clinicians take an approach that aligns with popular approaches such as Health at Every Size (HAES)© and Intuitive Eating©, and believe that feeling your best involves many factors such as sleep, mood, and socializing. Research indicates that the majority of people who have a history of strict dieting, often end up gaining more weight. Our clinical approaches also target restrictive mindsets as a precursor to symptoms such as binge eating. Clinical approaches that target weight loss such as Behavioral Weight Loss (BWL) have demonstrated to be less effective compared to other approaches such as Enhanced. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT-E). Because of this, our clinicians do not establish treatment plan goals around weight loss. We encourage you to ask questions in your discovery video call around each clinician's approach to weight and diet.
  • You are not in my state. Can I still work with you?
    Libra Virtual Care works diligently to ensure services are accessible; however, our services may be restricted by licensure and state guidelines. If you do not see your state represented, it may be helpful to contact us as we are expanding often, and we may be able to problem solve with some individuals around how to make care possible.
  • What should I expect with telehealth as compared to in-office treatment?
    The interventions and approaches utilized in telehealth do not differ compared to in-office treatment; the main difference is the mode in which services are delivered. However, there are some important things to consider when it comes to telehealth. Your therapy experience is our number one concern, and in order to provide you with a great experience, our clinicians establish a high-speed internet connection in a private space. Here are some pointers on how you can also enhance your own therapy experience: - Ensure you are using an internet connection that is able to handle video streaming. - If others are in the home streaming on other devices, they may slow your connection. It may help to ask them to hold off on streaming, if they are able. - Find a private room where you will not be disturbed by others. You may be tempted to be in your car or drive while doing therapy, and this is not recommended as it can impact your connection and can be unsafe. This is especially important when it comes to group therapy. - Most people find that a laptop or desktop computer offer the best experience as they do not have to hold a device for a long period of time and the screens are generally bigger. However, it is possible to download an app to allow sessions via a phone or tablet.
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