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Job Type

Independent Contractor

About the Role

The Independent Contractor is responsible for delivering clinical services at Libra Virtual Care, including all aspects of care such as assessment, individual and family therapy, group facilitation. Independent Contractors have the freedom to set their own hours and maintain their preferred number of direct hours.


Tasks may include conducting comprehensive clinical assessments, patient intake, obtaining psycho-social history, providing individual and family therapy, and/or facilitating group therapy.

Maintain client communication and directly manage scheduling.

The employer will support with insurance billing; however, the contractor duties may include running payments through electronic payment system, ensuring billing information is accurate, and some administrative tasks associated with billing.

Submit timely and complete notes, treatment plans, service orders, authorizations, assessments, and other applicable documentation from all completed sessions as needed for reimbursement.


  • Master or Doctoral degree in Professional Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy Social Work, Clinical Psychology, or a closely related field.  

  • Maintain independent licensure in one US Midwest state as a professional counselor, marriage and family counselor, psychologist, or social worker. 

  • Must abide by the code of ethics subscribed to by the respective licensing organization. 

  • Must have access to a computer with video and audio capabilities and have skills in basic problem-solving related to technology issues. 

  • Have the ability to or have already completed a CAQH application. 

  • Have a comprehensive knowledge and training in the delivery of therapy via telehealth or holds Board Certification as a Telemental Health professional. 

  • Have experience working with individuals in all body sizes and utilize a Health at Every Size (HAES)© and anti-diet approach. 

About the Company

Libra Virtual Care is a telehealth-based company dedicated to providing size-inclusive care for individuals needing support around eating, mood, anxiety, and obsessional disorders. We serve clients of all genders and backgrounds ages 12 and older.

Above all, we value equity in the treatment that people receive. Our people are approachable and help clients feel dignified in their care. We aim to be trustworthy in everything we do.

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