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Equity Program

In keeping with our mission to provide equity in treatment for individuals in all bodies, we recognize that one barrier to therapy is the financial cost.  Libra Virtual Care's Equity Program offers low-cost therapy to those who meet the basic requirements.

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It is Libra Virtual Care's vision to create a space for people in all bodies, and a space specifically designed to meet the needs of folks in larger bodies.  We recognize that to truly create this space, therapy must be accessible to people of all backgrounds, not just individuals who can afford it.  The Equity Program offers five free therapy sessions to anyone who meets criteria, and additional sessions for $10 per session.  Individuals who participate in the Equity Program will work with graduate students in the final year of their counseling program, and each Equity Program Therapist is selected by the team and supervised by an independently licensed provider.


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Become an intern

Are you interested in becoming an intern at Libra Virtual Care?  Our Clinical Supervision Program offers interns experience in telehealth with advanced clinicians in the field.

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